Bio: - Born psychic medium - Studied Economics and International Politics - Experienced in: Business Devt. (Europe/USA) - International Personal and Business Consultant and private Advisor, Certified and experienced Mediator - Former President to the United Nations Association for Northern California - Author, Speaker, Radio & Film Producer & Host, Holistic Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister, Artist, Astrologer, loves Tennis, Travel and Culture , Mother of two residing in Northern California.

Astrid Stromberg

Hi! I'm Astrid. French with an English accent!
I'm a Uranian cosmo-biologist astrologer, born a medium, psychic channeler. Watch out, everyone!
I'm a #8 enneagram, at school in Scotland we studdied ghosts, spirits, apparitions through walls and dungeons, alongside tests in Slavic, russian and celtic mix, whilst learning logorythms from tables - I was 6.
Spirits of all shapes and sizes, from the evil ones, through our past loved ones, pets, plants, bird kingdoms, they ALL speak to me. I've had to accept who I am and how different I can be.
After prayers, work on myself and self-analysis, I got to the point where I'm free to be. And it's working! 
I've done radio, I've done TV, I've talked to great stars and read their love life, very interesting people who work in secrets, powerful businessmen and transformative businesswomen - All of them talked to me sharing their spiritual sides. We all have it, we've all experienced it. And it helps us grow.
Abundance means - as Deepak Choprah put it - when you have everything you need and when at you wants comes easily.
I've experienced abundance, all my life. Nope, not always rich - sometimes in the street, other times in palaces. But when I needed somwthing, I found it. I applied my gifts to make things manifest. Gifts and skills are essential to anyone wanting Magic in their life.
I reveal, I empower, if you invest in yourself. Find the magic in you - it's there, and it's called your Brilliant Essence!
Start NOW!
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