"Whatever you do, do NOT sell the storefront window", Astrid said after having spent 2 days preparing for the official opening of a store, in Palm Desert. They didn't listen. They did do very well. Until they had to do their store front again!

"I want to know what you think about my employees." "Sure. These three are turning mafia on you. This one is a liar. And this one is your next manager." Guess what happened - 4 got fired for wrong doing and there is now a fantastic manager! In a really great Start-Up I've got my eyes on!

Astrid sits down with you, connects to your Brilliant Essence, and immediately, messages start to flow. Ok, she doesn't need to sit down. She does it standing too, sometimes pacing around a kitchen counter or in your board room. She hears, feels energies, sees risks and potential. She's onto you!

Be Revealed, Be Empowered

Astrid is a born Psychic, Medium, Channeler. She just is. Connected ~

And she's been developing her esoteric skills to serve others, all her life. Worldwide.

So help yourself to a good dose of magic. "I'll mind your business!" Contact Astrid Now!

If you want to grow your business and take it to the next level, contact Astrid, @CoachBrilliance.


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